Nordisk DealerNews #154: Protection and luxury



German gear-website has tested Oppland 2 PU which received 4 out of 5 stars.

"The tent is super fast built and the construction is self explanatory and simple - and it provides very good protection in wind, rain, snow and cold. It is very spacious and perfectly ventilated by the suspended inner tent.

All in all, a great trekking tent which proved well during a 5 day trip crossing the western Hardangervidda", they write.

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  CAMPING 3.0 
The Dutch website (hunger for travel) has visited the Nordisk Village Venezia, and they have no doubt: "If glamping is Camping 2.0, then Nordisk Village Venizia is Camping 3.0.

"It's for those who want to experience the freedom of camping but do not want to miss the luxury of home - and in Venice with a little imagination, it is a settlement of ancient times. Set up so that you have privacy, but you can also contact your fellow campers. We Dutch call it cozy the Danes call it hygge", they conclude.

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